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Jessica Feinstein Genealogist

Discover your
family story

Family Tree Research

Find your family and discover yourself

Family tree research

Are you looking for help with your family tree?

I am a qualified professional genealogist, passionate about helping you research your family tree and tell your family's stories.

I'm Jessica Feinstein and I am a member of the Register of Qualified Genealogists.
I can conduct genealogical research for you wherever you live in the world, so please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

How it works



Which ancestors would you like to find out about? Let’s discuss!



I’ll research your family tree for you, professionally.

You’ll get a detailed, illustrated narrative report to print or share.

Next Steps

Which direction do you want to go in next? The choice is yours!

My approach

Your family history is unique, and the journey of discovery will be exciting, full of challenges and maybe some surprises. Starting with what you already know about your family, I’ll work backwards, looking for evidence to tell the story of who your ancestors were, where they lived, and what they did. What questions do you have? Is there a family mystery? I’ll be guided by you – how far do you want to go on this journey? Who would you like to know more about? Working together, we can create a tree that you’ll be proud to share, telling the story of your family.

Family History Research
Story of your Ancestors

“Wow! I've read your report 3 times and still finding interesting details that I never knew about my family.”

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