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Charlotte Mendelsohn from Memel

Charlotte was Ari's 5x great-grandmother, who lived in Memel, East Prussia (now Klaipeda, Lithuania).

Public Domain,

What do we know about Charlotte? We know that she married Louis Mendelsohn at some time before 1856. That was the year when her son Movsha (Moses) was born in Memel. So we can estimate her birth date to be before 1835.

When Moses died in Johannesburg in 1904, the death record gave his mother's name as Charlotte (maiden name not given):

We also know that Moses and his wife Minna (Mary) had a daughter they named Charlotte, who was born in 1885. So it is very likely that Charlotte had died before this date, and the baby was named after her.

(That Charlotte was my great-great-aunt, seen below.)

So far, I have found no records for Charlotte in Memel.

Ari, this is how you are related to Charlotte:

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