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Frances from Pinchbeck

Frances Chapman Cawthorn was Ari’s 4x great-grandmother, born in the year 1800 in Pinchbeck, Lincolnshire. She was given her mother Mary’s maiden name as her middle name, and her baptism took place on 24 August 1900 at St Mary’s church. Frances had three older brothers, and a sister, Martha. Two younger brothers followed.

When she was twenty-one, Frances married an agricultural labourer, John Stanton, in Pinchbeck, and proceeded to have nine children in quick succession. They then moved over a hundred miles away, to Cheshire, where they can be seen in the 1841 census in the township of Newton, near Hyde. We don’t know why they went there, but John died two months after the census was taken (aged just forty-four), and Frances and her children came back to Pinchbeck.

A notice in the Stamford Mercury in 1843 offered her cottage for auction:

29 December 1843. Image © The British Library Board.

By the next census in 1851, they were living at Glen Side. Frances was working outdoors, and three of her children were still at home. She continued working as an outdoor labourer into her sixties, moving to Pinchbeck Bars and then River Glen Road. She was here in 1871, living next-door to her daughter Sarah Ann. She was now seventy-four and on parish relief.

In 1881 she was at Glen Bank, now described as an annuitant, so she was receiving a small amount of money from somewhere. Her granddaughter Kate (eight; daughter of Sarah Ann) was sharing her home.

Frances lived until the age of ninety, and was buried in Pinchbeck on 2 December 1890.

Ari, this is how you are related to Frances:

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