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Another of Ari’s ancestors was his 3x great-grandmother Freida (Fannie) Dovidova Nisman, who was born in Parichi, Babruysk, Minsk, Belarus on 22 Apr 1887. She had an eventful life, described in her own words in a little notebook.


The photo below was taken in 1909.

1909 Grandma (Fannie Loshak)

Below is her birth certificate (Ministry of Internal Affairs, Settlement Parichi, Babruysk Region, Minsk Province, dated 6 June 1907, certifies that in the Book of Records of Jews born in Settlement Parichi, for the year 1887, on April 22 the Middle Class Citizen Dovid Girshev Nisman and his wife Sarah gave birth to a daughter named Frieda. Signed by the Parichi Public Rabbi).

Fannie Nisman Loshak_birth

Ari, this shows how you are related to Freida:

Screen Shot 2017-10-21 at 09.53.30
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