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Jakob Gross from Kalisz

Jakob Gross was Ari’s 6x great-grandfather, and he was a tailor. He was born in about 1780 in Poland. He married Esther Brajna Grün in about 1815, and they had at least six children. Esther died on 24 Nov 1843 in Kalisz, Poland, and her death record says that she left five sons and one daughter.

Kalisz from 1789 map of Poland, Grosser Deutscher Atlas, Von Reilley.

Jakob died on 9 October 1857 in Kalisz. His death record says that Jakob Gross, former tailor, a widower, 77, left three sons (Ajzyk, Laib and Salomon), and a granddaughter, Machle Kressel (daughter of his son Markus). He also left a house, number 259 in Kalisz.

Death record from JRI-Poland (film ordered from FamilySearch and translated thanks to a very kind person on ViewMate).

Jakob’s son Salomon was Ari’s 5x great-grandfather. I have managed to trace some of the other children of Jakob. A son Majer, a journeyman tailor, died in 1847 at the age of 27. Jakob’s son Markus married Mindla Wanna in 1842, and their daughter Machle Krecle was born in 1851. She married Moizes Szleper in 1869 and died in 1908 in Kalisz. Another son of Jakob’s, Ayzyk, married Malka Bajdenkopf in 1852 in Zagórów, Poland and died in 1884.

Ari, this is how you are related to Jakob:

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