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Roza Bant

Roza Bant was Ari's 5x great-grandmother, discovered only a couple of years ago. I know very little about her, but she was probably born in Kalisz, Poland, in about 1821.

Market Square, Kalisz. By Czesio99 - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

In 1843 Roza married Benjamin Widawski. This marriage is listed in the records available from JRI-Poland ( He died in Kalisz in 1849, and Roza later married Salamon Gross. This marriage took place in 1860 in Kalisz. Her name is recorded as Roza Witkowska, but the record says that she is a widow, née Bant.

If this information is correct, it would have made her quite old when she gave birth to her daughter Mindel (Milly), but the information fits with what I know from her grandson Michael, who told me that she was orphaned in Poland at the age of four, and then brought to England by an uncle called Peter. I have never managed to find this uncle, who apparently settled in England after being captured when fighting against the British in the Crimean War.

The Polish records show that Roza died in 1871 in Kalisz.

Ari, this is how you are related to Roza:

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