Surname Key

This post shows how surnames of people in the blog are related to one of Ari's great-grandparents.

They are:

Walter Allen (WA);

Brenda Cobley (BC);

Charles Feinstein (CF);

Ruth Loshak (RL);

Percival Sheppard (PS);

Norman Sims (NS);

Audrey Spencer (AS); and

Gwendoline Tarrant (GT).

These initials indicate to which branch of the family each surname belongs.

Abbott (WA)
Allen (WA)
Alsop (NS)
Amphlett (PS)
Andrews (PS)
Annable (AS)
Ayres or Eyres (GT)
Ball (NS)
Ballard (WA)
Barber (NS)
Bartlett (WA)
Beckett (WA)
Beresford (AS)
Best (WA)
Bishop (PS)
Bladon (NS)
Boothby (NS)
Bott (AS)
Bower (NS)
Bowler (AS)
Brelsford (AS)
Brenner (CF)
Brewell (AS)
Briant (WA)
Brooks (AS)
Bull (NS)
Bunting (AS)
Burton (BC)
Butler (PS)
Butt (WA)
Buxton (AS)
Castledine (AS)
Cawthorn (BC)
Chaddock (AS)
Chapman (BC)
Chaskalson (CF)
Cobley (BC)
Cohen (RL)
Collins (GT)
Cox (GT)
Crump (PS)
Cundy (NS)
Curtis (GT)
Dancocks (PS)
Davis (GT)
Dawson (NS and AS)
Day (PS and GT)
Dibben (GT)
Dowdal (GT)
Dunn (AS)
Eyre (NS)
Feinstein (CF)
Flint (AS)
Ford (NS)
Foyle (WA and GT)
Frampton (GT)
Frost (AS)
Godbehere (AS)
Goodall (NS)
Gray (GT)
Gross (RL)
Gurvich (CF)
Harris (BC)
Hartland (PS)
Haslam (NS)
Hayward (WA)
Hicks (WA)
Hirshfeld (CF)
Holdway (GT)
Holloway (GT)
Holmes (NS)
Hudson (AS)
Huntley (GT)
Hurwitz (CF)
Iles (GT)
James (PS)
Jennison (NS)
Katz (RL)
Kent (NS)
Kinder (AS)
Land (AS)
Lewis (BC)
Liddiard (GT)
Longfoot (BC)
Loshak (RL)
Low (NS)
Lumley (PS)
Marshall (PS)
Martin (PS)
Mather (AS)
Mendelsohn (CF)
Millington (AS)
Mitchener (GT)
Morris (AS)
Mullens (WA)
Murfin (NS)
Nisman (RL)
Orchard (GT)
Pain (GT)
Parker (AS)
Pearson (AS)
Penny (WA)
Perkins (PS)
Phipps (NS)
Pool (BC and PS)
Potter (AS)
Radford (NS)
Read (WA)
Redfern (AS and WA)
Redway (WA)
Reynolds (PS)
Ricks (GT)
Robinson (PS)
Roper (NS)
Rowbottom (NS)
Saunders (NS)
Serell (GT)
Sheldon (NS)
Sheppard (PS)
Shnaiderovich (CF)
Sims (NS)
Singer (RL)
Slater (NS)
Smith (NS, GT)
Snook (WA)
Spencer (AS)
Stanton (BC)
Stapleton (BC)
Steventon (GT)
Stockley (GT)
Strickson (BC)
Strong (WA)
Tarrant (GT)
Taylor (NS)
Thacker (AS)
Theobald (AS)
Thickett (NS)
Thomas (WA)
Tilley (WA)
Tomlinson (NS)
Turner (GT)
Tyler (PS)
Tzimerman (CF)
Volfson (RL)
Waters (PS)
Welch (GT)
West (GT)
Wheeldon (NS)
Whiteley (PS)