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Ari’s London ancestors in 1921

My fourth and final post in this series about the 1921 census looks at Ari’s ancestors on his mother’s mother’s mother’s side (my mother’s parents and grandparents).

Starting with the Katz family, I found them at 39 Ceylon Road in Westcliff-on-Sea, which is in the borough of Southend-on-Sea in Essex. My great-grandfather Maurice Katz was 38 and a naturalized British resident. He gave his place of birth as Ekateringrad, Russia, but it was actually Ekaterinoslav (now Dnipro, Ukraine). He was a shirt manufacturer (Bow Shirt Manufacturing Co.), listing his place of work at 814A Old York Road, Bow in London. This factory was the scene of a fire in 1936, reported in the Daily Herald on 29 December:

Image © Reach PLC.

My great-grandmother Raye was 31, born in Stepney, and listed no occupation. My grandmother Judith Constance was 10 and at school, and her sister Rosalind was 7 and also at school but only part time. Living with the family were a governess, Ida Wright, 27, from Leicester, and a servant, Violet Mary Marshall, 20, from Southend. The only photo I have from anywhere near that time is this one, with Maurice on the left, Raye seated right, and Rosalind and Judith at the front.

(I don't know who the man on the right or the woman seated left are, but hoping my mother will know!) There is one other person I need to find, Raye’s mother Mindel (Millie) Cohen (née Gross). I know that she was in Hackney in 1916, and died in Cricklewood in 1932, but haven't yet found her in 1921.

My grandfather Harry was 13 and at school. This is a photo of him taken in 1921.

His brothers Bernard and Eleazer David were 8 and 2. Also in the house were a children’s nurse, Edith Emma Pashley, 43, from Hull, and a mother’s help, Eva Mary Henderson Meadows, 22, from Llandudno.

This snapshot (not great) was taken in 1921, very different from the formal studio portraits they normally had taken.

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