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Charles Clench from Bloxworth

Charles Clench was one of Ari's 9x great-grandfathers, and he lived in Bloxworth in Dorset.

From the date of his marriage in the year 1700, I estimated his birth at about 1679, but wasn't able to find any baptisms to fit this date. However, there was a baptism in 1667 in Winterborne Kingston (the stained-glass window below is from the church there), which is very close to Bloxworth, and I think this might be him, with parents John and Anne. This was during the reign of Charles II.

I found some records from Winterborne Kingston in 1641 called Protestation Returns, which listed the adult men in the parish. By order of the House of Commons, all adult men were asked to swear an oath of allegiance to the Protestant religion and the list was sent to Parliament. This list contained several men with the surname Clench: Joshua, John (Senior and Junior), and Timothy. At the end it says "Noe man refused". There is also a record of people paying the hearth tax in 1662, which lists John Clench, pauper. See

On 28 May 1700, Charles married Jane Stroud at St Andrew's church in Bloxworth.

Bloxworth parish register showing the marriage,

Charles and Jane had four children that I know of: Elizabeth, born in 1700; Anne, born in 1702; John, born in 1704; and Jane, born in 1709 (Ari's 8x great-grandmother – see

The only other record I have found for Charles is the record of his burial at Bloxworth, on 23 May 1742, so we have no idea of his occupation or any other details of his life.

Dorset, England, Church of England Baptisms, Marriages and Burials, 1538–1812,

Ari, this is how you are related to Charles:

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