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Charles Harris from Harringworth

Charles was Ari's 5x great-grandfather, and he was born in Harringworth in Northamptonshire in 1776.

There is a record of his baptism at the local church on 13 December 1776, showing that his father was also called Charles.

On 28 May 1804, Charles married Anne Pool but the record tells us that he was a widower, so we need to find his first marriage, in about 1797. So far I have not found this, or the burial record of his first wife. (I notice that there is a marriage at Rockingham in 1793, and some baptisms of children of this marriage. Rockingham is about 5 miles away, so this is possible. I will check this out later!)

Charles and Anne's first child was a daughter, Ann, born in 1804, and then Sarah, born in 1807. A son, Charles, followed in 1810 and another daughter, Mary, in 1814. Mary's baptism record tells us that Charles is a labourer, and when Ann gets married in 1837, the record shows that her father Charles is a woolcomber.

I believe that Charles died in September 1826, and was buried on the 15th at St John's church in Harringworth. We'll go and look for his grave when we visit.

(His widow, Ann, can be seen listed as a pauper in the 1841 census.)

(I've now ruled out the Rockingham marriage because that couple's children overlapped.)

Ari, this is how you are related to Charles:

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