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Freyda, Leyba, and Kofman: a new 5x great-grandmother and two new 6x great-grandfathers in Parichi

Every now and again I go over the gaps in the family tree and try different combinations of names and places when searching.  This week I was looking for the Nisman family in Parichi, Belarus, and stumbled upon a Revision List for the town, dated 25 May 1858.

“The Reviska Skazka (Revision Lists) were conducted in territories ruled by the Russian Czar in the 18th and 19th centuries. The Revision Lists enumerated only those individuals subject to taxation. The data was also utilized for identifying men to draft into the army. There were ten major Reviska Skazka taken, beginning in 1720 and ending in 1858.” (See

The records are held in the National Historical Archives of Belarus in Minsk, and the family came under the category of Jewish town-dwellers.

Screenshot 2019-11-27 at 10.30.19.png

We already knew about Girsha, the head of the household here, who was the father of David. But what’s new is the name of his father, which is Kofman. David had a son called Kofman who was born in 1879, so the older Kofman had died before that date (which is likely as he must have been born before about 1796). So this is a new 6x great-grandfather for Ari.

The record also shows us that Girsha had a brother called Movsha, who had a son called Dovid in 1834, and that Dovid’s wife name was Genya.

And then we have Freyda, who is listed as the wife of Girsha, and we have the name of her father, Leyba. Unfortunately we don’t know her maiden name, but it is very exciting to have these new ancestors, as well as two of Freyda’s daughters that we didn’t know about, Sora and Rokhyla.

And Ari’s great-great-great-grandmother Freida (Fannie), born in 1887, was no doubt named for her grandmother.

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