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Rebecca White from Wiltshire

Rebecca White was Ari’s 6x great-grandmother.

On 13 February 1775 she married William Tottershall or Tortoiseshell in Tisbury, Wiltshire. I am not sure what happened to him, but on 11 July 1784 Rebecca married Benjamin Mullens at the same church.

Rebecca had four children: Elizabeth, Joseph, Francis and Andrew.

She lived until the age of seventy-two, dying at East Hatch, and was buried at Tisbury on the 9th of July.

This suggests that she was born in 1755, which also fits with her age when she first married. The most likely baptism for her is one which took place at Tisbury on 25 Feb 1755, with parents John White and Mary King, who had married in 1747 and came from East Hatch.

Ari, this is how you are related to Rebecca:

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