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Susanna Burton of Barrowden

One of Ari’s 5x great-grandmothers was Susanna Burton, the mother of William Cobley. Susanna was born in 1784. I am working on the theory that her parents were Francis and Susannah Burton, and if this is the case then she was born on 13 April and baptised on 10 June in the village of Ridlington in Rutland.

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The baptism record on Findmypast says that the parents live at Leigh Lodge, which is a listed building now.


Of course once you identify someone’s parents you can start to find all the brothers and sisters and then work back to the parents’ marriage (this is why my task is never-ending!). I found children born to Francis and Susannah starting with Ann in 1781, so this marriage in 1779 looks right.

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We now know that Susannah’s mother was Susannah Whiteley, and they lived at Lye Field, near Ridlington.

So back to Susanna Burton. On 1 August 1804 she married John Sculthorpe. A daughter, Fanny, was baptised on 23 December that year. John died and on 4 November 1813 Susanna married William Cobley at the church of St Peter in Barrowden. The record tells us that she was a widow and he was a widower.

Their two sons, William and Edward, were born in 1814 and 1816. I haven’t found Susanna in the 1841 or 1851 census yet, so will update this when I do.

She died on 4 June 1859 in Barrowden. The cause of death was “Gastro Enteritic Fever 14 days”. An announcement appeared in the Stamford Mercury on 10 June.

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She was buried at St Peter’s church.

Ari, this is how you are related to Susanna:

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