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Two discoveries about Jacob Cohen

I have written before about Ari’s 4x great-grandfather, Jacob Cohen. Yesterday I made two new discoveries about him.

The first one was a newspaper report showing that in November 1889 he had been assaulted at his own front door:

23 nov 1889 jacob cohen.png

East London Observer, 23 Nov 1889,

I love the things this tells us. He had a hat! He had a sitting room!

The second, potentially much more exciting, is that I think I have found him with his first wife and a daughter, in 1881.

Screen Shot 2019-05-07 at 06.56.38
Screen Shot 2019-05-07 at 06.57.09.png

The address is 8 Hutchinson Avenue, in Aldgate. (Milly, his second wife, was living at no. 12 Hutchinson Ave before their marriage in 1889.)

So now I need to find out what happened to his first wife (Zerah?) and daughter Rose, because we know he was a widower by 1889. More to come on this story!


This second one is not our Jacob Cohen, so still looking …

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